The Project

Aligning Project Teams for Successful Delivery


This highly engaging, fun and experiential event is designed to: 

  • Bring the project team together on one page
  • Identify key success factors for the projects they are managing
  • Eliminate people, communication and technical barriers
  • Build the understanding and commitment of the whole team
  • “The Project” is ideal for newly forming project teams or well established teams needing to get on track or better aligned
  • Before the session, participants complete a confidential project team assessment
  • Teams complete a series of increasingly challenging team building tasks that help them better understand what is required of effective project teams
  • During the session teams agree priorities for project implementation improvement
  • Team commitments are drawn out by our experienced facilitators, providing the blueprint for future decision making, communication and task management
  • As an optional extra, participants complete our Empathy Styles communication and work-style assessment



  • Greater shared understanding and commitment of the project outcomes and tasks; A more energized and aligned project team; Increased likelihood of successful delivery on time, in budget and within scope; Addresses key issues of planning, collaboration, managing stakeholders, team problem solving, alignment, communication and delivery under pressure
Number of Attendees: 6 - 30

Time Frame: 4 - 8 Hours

Location: Indoors

Classification: Communication, Simulation, Indoors, Strategic