Vision 2020

Planning for Your Future Team Success


This highly engaging, fun and experiential event is designed to: 

  • Create your exciting 2020 Vision
  • Involve the whole team in the planning process
  • Build understanding & commitment of all to the direction or your team
  • Challenge leaders and team members to stretch beyond the ordinary and strive for the extraordinary!
  • During this session the team will develop clarity on the ideal state of the business & the key enablers for moving to where the business needs to be
  • Using proven planning tools and methodologies such as Force Field Analysis, the team will all have the opportunity to be involved in identifying existing and new “pushing forces” that will support positive growth as well as restraining forces that have the potential to impact on progress.
  • Our experienced strategy facilitators will guide the team through a series of engaging creative planning and team building tasks to generate an innovative vision and to ensure the team has a strong plan for execution.


Drawing out individual insights and ideas; Shared clarity of the way forward; A strong sense of commitment to achieving key business goals; Well developed plans for next steps

Number of Attendees: 6 - 30

Time Frame: 6 - 8 Hours

Location: Indoors

Classification: Communication, Simulation, Indoors, Strategic