The Race for Space

Increase Market Share


What is it?

The Race for Space is our twist on the great space race of years gone by. Nowadays our Race for Space is either gaining market share or being one step ahead of the competition. The activity consists of 3 main activities with well structured debriefs. We finish with a high energy Rocket Launch to simulate your teams Race for Space.


Companies selecting this activity are looking for a focus on strong learning outcomes but with a fun factor at the end. The messaging is around communication and alignment, maximising resources, using alignment to drive efficiency and clarifying roles and responsibilities to drive performance increases. The activity works extremely well with Sales and Marketing teams or teams working in highly competitive industries where performance is a major focus.






Number of Attendees: 16 - 160

Time Frame: 2 - 4 Hours

Location: Indoors,Outdoors

Classification: Communication, Outdoors, Competitive, Simulation, Indoors, Strategic