Who Killed Creativity?

And How Do We Get It Back?


What is it?

The CSI Who Killed Creativity? Workshop uses a board game as a creative diagnostic tool. This game provides an engaging interactive context for exploring the potential blocks to positive change. Themed as a crime scene investigation (CSI style), the exercise helps to identify the key ‘creativity killer’ culprits we all face individually (psychological blocks, eg as identified by neuroscience) and reveals potential ‘danger’ locations around the organization (organizational culture and environmental blocks).


The concepts in this session are presented using a unique and creative method that provides a safe, playful environment for positive transformation. This proven method can reduce cynicism, transform individuals and teams, and create a highly innovative organizational culture. The ‘gamification’ focus can be adjusted depending on the needs of the group. Participants walk away with An appreciation of why creativity might have difficulty flourishing in individuals, teams and organizations.



Number of Attendees: 8 - 160

Time Frame: 2 - 4 Hours

Location: Indoors

Classification: Strategic