Unleash Your Creative Side!


What is it?

Photoshoot brings all of the benefits of movie based team building (see Ad Break) but in the world of Stop Motion Animation. This style of movie making allows for high levels of creativity and helps reduce the time to complete the overall movie as editing time is significantly reduced. Teams must plan, script, direct and star in their stop motion masterpiece. We use our interactive voting when we play the videos to announce the winning teams. Add on an optional ‘Oscar’ themed ceremony to make it an event to remember.


Companies using Ad Break are usually wanting teams to explore some kind of message. This could be the strategic focus for the company for next year (collaboration, alignment, go for growth) or connecting to the company values. The creation of a movie around this theme helps to anchor the message. Companies also select this activity because it is so much fun…





Number of Attendees: 10 - 500

Time Frame: 2 - 4 Hours

Location: Indoors,Outdoors

Classification: Communication, Outdoors, Energisers, Indoors