Ramayana Rescue

Alignment for the Journey Ahead



Smooth functioning in the organisation requires clear coordination and alignment within the team. By creating clear goals, allocating specific roles and responsibilities, and then clearly coordinating the action plan, it is possible to build systems that support alignment.

  • An exotic mythological experience, in which teams are challenged to build traditional forms of transport and reenact a fascinating historical journey through racing these devices.
  • The different stages of the program involve working with limited resources to make the devices and finding creative ways to decorate them, before testing and trialing their functionality.
  • The climax of the program is the grand procession and race to reach the palace, with the key characters of the story being transported by the devices.
  • An exciting high energy and often highly amusing experience, this program is an excellent activity to improve cross cultural understanding and enhance the group dynamic.




Accepting the need for alignment, Coordinating efforts within and between teams, Creating a unified combined outcome

Number of Attendees: 30 - 300

Time Frame: 3 - 4 Hours

Location: Outdoors

Classification: Communication, Outdoors, Simulation