Creative Appliance Project

Cooking Up Values Driven Results



How recognizable are companies without their logos? Successful organisations recognise the importance of building a strong corporate identity and culture at the core. Using the popular new approach to building successful company/brand development known as the ‘high concept approach’, teams learn to harness their creative skills and demonstrate how identity can shape brand image internally and externally.


  • Teams are required to design a ‘larger than life’ product, decide on the product equity, source materials, construct the appliance, and market, brand and pitch their product.
  • The team that most successfully delivers will be the team that can seamlessly transfer their company’s vision, mission and values – also its branding – into this product and still keep the essence of the company alive.
  • Teamwork qualities are recognized and celebrated through the successful allocation of roles and implementation of plans – and ultimately through the presentation of special awards.



Connects your core values to employees, communicates your core values and vision through its products &/or services, demonstrates effective combined outcomes and team performance

Number of Attendees: 16 - 200

Time Frame: 3 - 8 Hours

Location: Indoors

Classification: Communication, Simulation, Indoors, Strategic