All Hands

Unleashing Creativity


What is it?

All Hands is our twist on the classic team building activity of painting a masterpiece. Our unique approach to this activity ensures high engagement and amazing results. Teams understand and experience the true power of collaboration and when we show the final image at the end of the day will send chills down their spines and leave a memory that will last for years!


All Hands is quite simply the best collaboration activity you can do. Companies that select this program are looking to deliver powerful messaging around ‘look at what we can achieve when we work together’ and ‘everyone’s contribution is important’. The activity also works fantastically to reinforce company values, launch new products or deliver business messages.





Number of Attendees: 24 - 750

Time Frame: 2 - 3 Hours

Location: Indoors,Outdoors

Classification: Communication, Outdoors, Indoors