The Great Desert Challenge

Desert Based Challenge


  • Builds on the basic framework of the Great Urban Challenge

  • Teams undergo a number of desert based activities including dune navigation, physical challenges, dune buggies, sand boarding and a water filtration exercise

  • Customisation options are available

  • The event finishes up in a private desert camp. All final scores are generated using our IML voting technology to provide electronic scoreboards for maximum impact

  • As a final add-on, the scores of the day can be combined into a ‘Trading Places’ simulation where teams compete against each other in a final trading game to finish off the day



Encourages team planning, generates healthy competition, improves team communication, promotes creative thinking and problem solving

Number of Attendees: 16 - 150

Time Frame: 2 - 4 Hours

Location: Outdoors

Classification: Outdoors, Competitive