Trading Places

Multi Team Trading Game


  • Imagine a loud, bustling and passionate commercial market place with teams wheeling and dealing to build the value of their ‘Trading Place’.

  • The original game is themed on buying and trading real estate in a volatile market. Teams must invest time in their strategy before the markets open and trading begins. Should they spend time on sales and marketing, consumer research or just get out there and sell, sell, sell?

  • The game is totally customisable based on the number of teams in your event and we can even change the marketplace from real estate to be designed around your business climate and services. The game can include company departments, current business challenges and interactions with customers. Teams must communicate and negotiate in a fun, interactive and competitive way to win the simulation.

  • Trading Places is an excellent way to energise your conference or event and deliver powerful business messages relevant to your business climate.




Builds competitive spirit, improves communication and negotiation skills, delivers business messages

Number of Attendees: 12 - 1200

Time Frame: 1 - 0 Hours

Location: Indoors

Classification: Communication, Competitive, Indoors