The Business

Commercial Stories


  • This creative, task based challenge sees teams stretched outside their comfort zones as they must design and build the product or service for your company

  • Teams follow a structured process to script, shoot, edit and voice over full HD high quality TV commercial using the latest Apple iPad

  • Themes include, product development, invention and innovation, business solutions; all are totally customised to your conference objectives

  • This activity provides multiple debrief points throughout the session to ensure that the lessons learned can be translated back to the workplace

  • The activity concludes with a final presentation of all commercials



Boosts creativity, reinforces team dynamics, introduces strategic planning, builds competitive spirit, provides debriefs around; planning, communication, leadership, managing ideas and conflict, decision making and delegation.

Number of Attendees: 12 - 250

Time Frame: 4 - 6 Hours

Location: Indoors,Outdoors

Classification: Communication, Competitive, Indoors, Strategic