Great Urban Challenge

Urban Based Strategic Challenge


  • Made up of a near impossible number of challenges, the Great Urban challenge takes place in and around your event location.

  • Each team is given an identical challenge list of around 50 activities to complete including creative challenges, physical tasks, GPS co-ordinates, photo tasks and negotiation challenges. As it is never possible to complete all challenges, teams must allocate resources to solve as many as possible in this quest for success.

  • All of the activities and challenges are customised to the theme of your event using sophisticated technology unique to Turnaround.

  • To win the Great Urban Challenge requires team planning, allocation of skills and resources as teams take on a number of challenges in this super slick corporate challenge.



Encourages team planning, generates healthy competition, improves team communication, promotes creative thinking and problem solving

Number of Attendees: 16 - 600

Time Frame: 2 - 8 Hours

Location: Outdoors

Classification: Outdoors, Competitive